Carbon footprint of a service – Case Lounea Yritysratkaisut Oy

The carbon footprint of a service might be an unfamiliar concept to many. You may have come across the carbon footprint of a product, for example, on the packaging of items found on supermarket shelves. But how can you calculate the carbon footprint of a service, an intangible asset? In this blog, we explain how … Read more

Product life cycle assessment (LCA) – case Framery

The environmental impacts of business can be studied from various perspectives: are we interested in the emissions from a company’s own operations, land use in construction, or perhaps a precise life cycle assessment for a single product? All the topics are important, but they require very different research methods. In this blog post, we will … Read more

Climate impacts of investment activities – Case The Finnish Climate Fund

If your company has investments or operational investments are your core business, the climate impacts of investment activities can be significant for your organization. In carbon footprint calculations, the ‘follow the money’ principle has been widely recognized as a good way to identify emission sources: where money flows, emissions occur. However, many may be surprised … Read more