We help you save money and invest in climate.

UseLess helps you save money and invest that money in climate, with double positive impact on the planet. 

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We help you save money and invest that money in climate. That way, you can have a double positive impact on the planet (and aim for a good return for yourself at the same time).

More than two thirds of greenhouse gas emissions come from our everyday consumption choices. That's why saving money literally helps the climate.

We're a Finland-based start-up that empowers people to act against the climate crisis. We have a strong expertise in sustainability and the ambitious vision to help you save the planet.

UseLess will be launched first in Finland. But a lot is happening before that - join our waiting list and we'll keep you posted!


Anti-consumption, saving and investing for a more sustainable and financially stable life.

Useless Company was founded by a group of environmental scientists passionate about generating a measurable impact. With a solid background in research, we are well aware of the immense impact individuals can have on climate change mitigation.

Overconsumption is a serious threat to our planet. We believe that the change can be accelerated in many ways also from the bottom up, and that consuming less does not implicate a lower quality of life (quite the opposite). Let us all share the community’s best practices and have interesting discussion on the topics!

People already waiting for UseLess to launch!

We are currently working hard to make UseLess happen.

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