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Useless app is a new way of saving money and doing impact investing. It encourages to save consciously on a weekly basis. Consumer actions create 60 to 80 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions. That is why only by saving money, we can save the planet. 

We decided to develop a concrete solution for active saving and impact investing. Consume less, save money and invest or donate to sustainability. Useless Company provides the most effortless and a meaningful way to create an impact. 

If all the people saved and invested 10 % of their income, we wouldn't have to worry about climate crisis anymore.    


Useless is founded by a group of environmental scientists. Having our background in research, we know exactly, how much individual people can influence on climate mitigation. 




Useless Company is a Finnish startup, founded in February 2018. We empower people to act against the climate crisis, one euro at a time.


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