Science based carbon footprint calculation with the expertise of a research group

UseLess is an agile life cycle assessment (LCA) expert with special academic expertise in carbon footprint calculation. We help companies and organisations to understand and reduce their climate impact. Our work is always based on up-to-date standards and research. Should you require a specific calculation for a single product or a wide-range analysis covering the whole company, we can help you!

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Science based

We ensure that the methods and knowledge we use are reliable and up-to-date.

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The team of UseLess experts have over 20 years of combined experience from carbon footprint calculations.

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Our calculations of product and company carbon footprints are customised to fit the needs of each customer.

Climate expert services

Current state and needs assesment
Carbon footprint calculation and report
Results in UseLess customer portal
Custom-made listing of the most effective emission reduction actions
Climate roadmap
Data collection from suppliers Extra service Extra service Extra service
Supplier climate review Extra service Extra service Extra service
Carbon handprint Extra service Extra service Extra service
Climate communication and training Extra service Extra service Extra service

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Customer portal

All results in
one place with easy access

Quickly observe and compare impact of each category to overall performance

Clear and dynamic views provide tools for long-term use of portal

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