A word from our customers

UseLess is an agile partner who takes care of individual customer needs. It has been really easy and flexible to work with UseLess. Their connections to the academic world and latest research knowledge have been really important to us. UseLess has a solid expertise on carbon footprint calculations, which have helped us to gain deeper understanding on matter. We are happy with our choice to have UseLess as our partner when we started to evaluate our company’s climate impact. We received precise and thorough calculations and help when needed in interpreting the results and evaluating necessary measures. We have agreed to continue our co-operation and also recommended UseLess’ services to other companies in our corporation.

Director of Sustainability Satu Niemelä
Communications Manager Piia Peiponen

We had a pleasure to have UseLess team calculating life cycle assessments for standard minimum budgets. We were very delighted how detailed the assessments were and how well the team answered to all our questions and requirements. The UseLess experts are very supportive. In addition to calculations they gave us good insights how to communicate the information about the assessments. I would warmly recommend UseLess to anyone who is looking for professionals who are truly engaged in creating a better future.


Working with Useless was smooth from start to finish. Their expertise in carbon footprint and life cycle assessment was clear, and the team was very responsive and flexible. We asked for a few iterations to meet our specific needs, and they did everything quickly – no question or tweak was too small for them to take into account. In the end, we received a carbon footprint calculator that is backed by the latest research and has a great level of detail.



Tradeka logo

Osuuskunta Tradeka, 2020

Osuuskunta Tradeka is a modern co-operative with over 200 000 members. It is also a significant owner of several Finnish companies . Osuuskunta Tradeka’s target is to be a frontrunner of responsibility by enhancing a meaningful and responsible ownership and humane market economy, which benefits both their membership and overall society. UseLess calculated carbon footprint of Osuuskunta Tradeka to find out their climate impact and to recognise effective emission reduction measures.

Maria01 Logo

Maria01, 2020

Maria01 is a non-profit combination of an entrepreneurial community, a selective campus for tech teams and a technology builders club. UseLess calculated the carbon footprint and recognised relevant emission reduction pathways for the campus. Read more about Maria01’s environmental responsibility here.

Clevera osuuskunnan logo

Osuuskunta Clevera, 2020

Osuuskunta Clevera is a part of Tiimiakatemia (JAMK), a business school where students learn business by doing business. We helped Clevera in a project that was related to emissions from the housing sector.

Jet-steelin logo

Jet-Steel Oy, 2020

Jet-Steel Oy manufactures products mainly for the purpose of moving masses of air, removing water, cooling or warming air or recovery of heat. The products are always manufactured according to our customers specifications and requirements. UseLess calculated the carbon footprint of Jet-Steel Oy based on GHG Protocol Scope 3 -standard.

Alvar petin logo

Alvar Pet Oy, 2020

Alvar Pet wants to minimise the carbon pawprint of pets. We calculated the carbon footprint of the first four products of Alvar Pet based of Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (PEFCRs) Prepared Pet Food for Cats and Dogs-standard.

Takuusäätiön logo

Takuusäätiö, 2019

What does one’s daily carbon footprint consist of, and how big is it, when one consumes only moderately? We built a carbon footprint calculator for Takuusäätiö’s and Marttaliitto’s Rahat riittää-project, to enable them calculate the carbon footprints of minimum budgets.

Everfellsin logo

Everfells, 2019

We built a carbon footprint calculator for a Finnish company called Everfells. Everfells helps you book small-group adventure holidays and independent outdoor trips in Finland. The calculator enables users calculate and compensate the emissions from the trips.