Introduction to the UseLess team

Useless Company is a diverse entity of five women and five men. Although our mindsets are somewhat similar when it comes to climate and environmental values, it is the diversity of our team’s experience that helps us make right decisions. 

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Maija Leino CEO Useless Company

Maija Leino, CEO

Maija’s favourite thing in the world is to do seriously important things with amazing people so she feels she is now in a great place with UseLess. Her job is to keep the team focused on things that matter and at the same time provide the best possible environment to work in. She also works closely with UseLess’ product development. Before being an entrepreneur she worked as a researcher building, working in and leading academic projects as well as visiting in the corporate world too, with life cycle assessment being the key thing in her work. 

Paavo Tertsunen Useless Company

Paavo Tertsunen

Paavo’s main focus is on planning, managing and delivering UseLess’ projects and impact assessment. Paavo’s background is in sustainability science and he has worked for UseLess’ customer development and communications from the very beginning.

Teemu Perämäki

Teemu is a passionate software developer with years of experience from working in different scale software projects. Teemu aims to make the world a great place by creating great code for a great company, UseLess

Johanna Kalli Useless Company

Johanna Kalli

Johanna is a product professional with a background in software development and digital marketing. M.Sc. in electrical engineering. Johanna is motivated by big and difficult problems and passionate about creating solutions that are good for people and the environment.

Anna Claudelin Useless Company

Anna Claudelin

Anna has M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering and she is doing a PhD about sustainability transition from consumer’s perspective. She is interested in calculating the impacts of different anticonsumption actions.

Lotta Staffans Useless Company

Lotta Staffans

Lotta has background in international human rights law and over 10 years experience working with corporate accountability in the NGO sector in Helsinki, Brussels and London. She takes extra care of the S in the ESG framework of UseLess’ investment solutions. She also enjoys spreading the word about anticonsumption together with the UseLess community and she has aspirations to become director of creative destruction.

Arnaud Defrance Useless Company

Arnaud Defrance

Impact investment professional, Arnaud constantly works towards bridging the gap between finance and sustainability. With specialization in renewable energy project financing, credit analysis and development finance in emerging markets, Arnaud gathers experience from international and Nordic investment banks, corporate treasury, development finance institution and Multilateral development bank. Arnaud is developing adapted impact investment solutions for Useless users.

Lassi Linnanen Useless Company

Lassi Linnanen

Lassi constantly paves the way for more ambitious sustainability actions. Since 2000, he has been Professor of Environmental Management, both in Aalto University and in Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology. During his career, he has advised governments and corporations in almost all continents. He is also a serial institutional entrepreneur with founding roles e.g. in Gaia, Proventia, and LCA-Consulting.

Ville Uusitalo Useless Company

Ville Uusitalo

Ville is an assistant professor in circular economy and mobility. His expertise is in environmental sustainability assessment especially using life cycle assessment. His background is in mobility and energy related topics but has also been working with food and consumption related issues. In Useless Ville’s main focus is on emission factors and impact assessment. 

Anna Kuokkanen Useless Company

Anna Kuokkanen

Anna received her Phd from building understanding of managing complex systems change towards sustainability, from which she draws insights and knowledge to be applied in various fields, from food system, to mobility and transport. Her current interests are in understanding socio-economic structures that inhibit sustainability transitions and developing new economic models that enable living within the planetary boundaries. In UseLess, Anna brings critical thinking combined with strategic and solution-oriented mindset, especially in regards to sustainable financing and investments.

Maksim Ekimovskii UseLess Company

Maksim Ekimovskii

Maksim is a software professional by day and music artist and videographer by night. Besides solid experience developing and leading the projects serving millions of daily users at EU scale, colleagues and friends describe him as technically excellent engineer, team catalyst who is comfortable in a wide variety of domains.

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