We help you save money and invest in climate

Useless Company is a Finland-based impact start-up that empowers people to act against the climate crisis. It was founded by a group of environmental scientists passionate about generating a measurable impact. With a solid background in research, we are well aware of the immense impact individuals can have on climate change mitigation. From the first six founders our team has grown to be diverse entity of five women and four men, with variety of backgrounds and characters. 

What does Useless Company do?

Useless Company helps you save money and invest that money in climate. That way, you can have a double positive impact on the planet (and aim for a good return for yourself at the same time). 

We have a strong expertise in sustainability and the ambitious vision to help you save the planet. Personnel of Useless Company has deep expertise in life cycle assessment (LCA) in various industries.

Useless Company was founded in February 2018. Since then, we have gained traction in media and started as a project partner at City of Helsinki’s air quality-themed HOPE-project (Healthier Outdoor Premises for Everyone) in early 2019. Currently we are focusing on our saving and investment product development.

We’re regularly looking for new talents; not only to share good ideas and knowledge but also to join our day to day operations as part of the company. If you feel like you’d enjoy your time among the UseLess team, you might want to consider following Careers, where our open positions will be published.

Contact us!

Should you have any questions or something on mind that we might be interested in, contact us and let’s stay in touch! We are located in Maria01, Helsinki. 

CEO Maija Leino