What makes you a part of Useless?

I've been a part of it from the very beginning! I have strongly noticed that I myself need a tool like Useless, to control my consumption habits. 

What are your specialties? Which features do you present for Useless?many

My ability to get excited from new things, and to discuss with all kinds of people.

I am also highly experienced in Life Cycle Assessment, like many other people in our team, too!

What is the most significant (environmental) issue of our time?

People's consumption habits. They have crossed the boundaries of our planet. 

What is your useless consumption? From which area could you save?

Food, for sure. I could definitely make my lunch at home and grab it with me to work, which could decrease the amount of food waste I generate.

During and because of Useless application development, I already have diminished the amount of money I use for shopping clothes.