HOPE - Healthy Outdoor Premises for Everyone

HOPE is a project funded by the European Union, Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) program. HOPE’s purpose is to empower citizens to develop their own districts, focusing on three different districts of Helsinki with varying air quality challenges. The project partners in HOPE are City of Helsinki, University of Helsinki, Vaisala Plc, Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY), Finnish Meterological Institute, Useless Company, and Forum Virium Helsinki.   

HOPE develops a new, real-time, transparent and accurate data concerning air quality. Useless Company takes part in both empowering citizens of Helsinki to collect the data, and encouraging them to make actions for local air quality improvement. We develop a solution for individual citizen, which enables them to be the owners of their air quality by personal and communal behaviour change. Our solution will help people in co-designing and participatory budgeting in an inspiring and meaningful way. HOPE is focused on three districts: Jätkäsaari region, Mäkelänkatu-Kumpula section, and Pakila district. The participation will be open for every Helsinki citizen. 

Project partners