What is Useless?

Most of your consumption! People spend too much money in unnecessary consumption. Our vision is that every euro saved benefits the environment: that's why "useless"!

Useless is designed for people, who want to make more impact by reconsidering their everyday consumption: do you really need to do all those purchases, or could there be any possibility to use that money more wisely?


When can start using it?

We will launch in Finland in early 2019. 

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Aren't we already done with the climate crisis?

Not even close! There is a drastic need of additional investments in climate mitigation. But no worries: we have the solutions. 

All we need to do is to put our trust in them! 


Why use less? 

60-80 % of CO2-emissions come from household consumption. Anti-consumption is the easiest way to make an impact.    

Hungry for more?

This section will update soon. Remember, you can always contact us and ask for yourself!