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What is Useless? 

Useless is an app for anti-consumption and impact investing. Useless app helps you reduce your useless consumption, save money, and invest or donate the savings in sustainable solutions. 


When can I download it? 

We are working hard to get Useless app alive and functioning in 2019! Join our waitlist,  and you won't miss the date!


Why should I use less? 

Private, individual consumption equals to 60-80 % of all greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, every euro saved, also saves the environment. Not to mention that creating and achieving personal saving goals already brings you great satisfaction!





What is costs?

Downloading Useless app does not cost you a thing. The costs regarding the investments and donations are presented separately and frankly. We do not keep any hidden costs.


Where I can invest or donate?

This is something we are currently working on. We will provide a set of different options provided by our partners and reliable third parties.


How much I can profit?

The profits are always closely related to risks. Useless will provide moderate profits with tolerable risks.