What is useless?

Useless is a platform for saving, impact investing and sustainable donating. It combines active saving to responsible investments and donations. 

What are the investments?

We follow European Commission’s Sustainable Finance taxonomy and the most stringent sustainability criteria in the market. By investing via Useless, you can double your saving impact, and earn money in the same time. 

How it works?

Useless app allows saving money anytime and anywhere. Later, the users themselves may define, do they want to invest or donate their savings. We offer a various set of investment options and donation projects provided by our third party partners. 

When can i use it?

We launch useless first in Finland in 2019. Join our waitlist and you’ll get to participate in the process!

Why bother?

Saving money is the easiest way to make an impact and save the planet. By reducing individual consumption, anyone can help the environment. 

I want to hear more!

Cool! Send your question to useless@useless.fi.