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UseLess team grows - three new people and one more to be hired

The first two quarters of 2019 have been a busy yet successful time at UseLess. Our aim to help you save money and invest that money sustainably, and to have a double positive impact on the planet, has winged us to an ambitious growing path. The development of our app is going strong, and we are each day more and more enthusiastic about our UseLess mission!  

During the last weeks, our team has grown, as three wonderful people have joined us on our journey, strengthening our competence and knowledge on product and community development, finance and impact investments. A warm welcome to Johanna Kalli, Lotta Staffans and Arnaud Defrance! We are happy to say UseLess is in good hands.

Johanna Kalli Useless Company
Johanna is a product professional with a background in software development and digital marketing. She is is motivated by big and difficult problems and passionate about creating solutions that are good for people and the environment.
Arnaud Defrance Useless Company

Lotta has background in international human rights law and over 10 years experience working with corporate accountability. She takes extra care of the S in the ESG framework of UseLess’ investment solutions. 

Lotta Staffans Useless Company

Arnaud is an impact investment professional, who’s working towards bridging the gap between finance and sustainability. With specialization in renewable energy project financing, credit analysis and development finance in emerging markets, Arnaud gathers experience from international and Nordic investment banks, corporate treasury, development finance institution and Multilateral development bank.

And we’re not stopping here, as we are now also hiring a full stack or back end developer, who’ll get to have an impactful role in building our main product – the one that everybody is eager to see – together with our core team. If you recognise yourself from the advert, consider sending an application! Otherwise, please share the word and help us along the process. The deadline for this position closes on 15th of July.

We’re regularly looking for new talents too; not only to share good ideas and knowledge but also to join our day to day operations as part of the company. If you feel like you’d enjoy your time among the UseLess team, you might want to consider following Careers, where all of our open positions will be published.

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