Being a UseLess developer

What would it be like to be a developer as a part of the UseLess team? We published the technical requirements in a job recruitment post and now we want to talk more about our working culture and company in general.

Useless Company is growing, which is why we are interested in new talents, who could someday join our team. Hopefully this blog gives you a deeper glimpse into our company culture, and helps you figure out, what would it actually mean to be a part of Useless Company.

We want to change the way people consume and invest their money. Saving in itself is a good for environment, because majority of environmental impacts originate from consumption decisions. And when that saved money is invested sustainably, the impact of that saving grows further. We can have double impact for the environment.

People are the core of the Useless Company

Currently our team consists of both full-time and part-time doers. From the original six founders our team has grown to be diverse entity of five women and four men, with variety of backgrounds and characters. Although our mindsets are somewhat similar when it comes to climate and environmental values, it is the diversity of our team’s experience that helps us make right decisions. 

”We have a great, open culture inside Useless Company. You never feel isolated or not aware of what other people are doing. We work jointly on a daily basis, and we also have weekly gatherings for the whole crew to share ongoing affairs. This helps to know precisely, where the company is now & where it’s going.”

– Paavo, cofounder

In the heart of Maria01, Helsinki startupland

Currently we run our day-to-day operations at Helsinki, being located in the Maria01 community. This is also the environment where new employees – meaning possibly you – will get to join. We value openness, and make sure that everyone knows what’s going on and who is doing what.

When it comes to everyday work, we always set clear goals and regularly check how they’re progressing. Regardless of that, we also make sure everyone gets their time to work without getting extra disturbances and encourage people to take remote days during the week when it better suits them and offer also flexible working hours.  

Maija and Paavo having a strawberry & coffee break
Ville and Maija during our brand workshop last spring.

What is it like being a developer at UseLess?

Even though the title of this recruitment strictly refers to a position with specific full stack / back end knowledge, that’s not all. Naturally software development & design will be your top priorities, but you will definitely not be just given out a legacy code with unclear goals and timeframes. That’s not the UseLess way! We provide you with all the support and mentoring you need along the way, not only to bring the product forward but also to help you grow. 

We have lots of things ongoing in addition to our main product development. Our company is currently taking a part in the HOPE-project led by City of Helsinki, where we are creating a new way for people to affect to local air quality, together with other partners. UseLess team also has very deep expertise in the field of calculating consumption based carbon footprints, which are increasingly popular in the modern world.  

We want to encourage people cutting their personal emissions by saving money and investing that money sustainably, and having a double positive impact on the planet. We aim to grow our uselesser community further and become the leading actor for anti-consumption lifestyle and impact investments.

Join us, and become a part of a growing company with strong values and firm vision! 

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